August Birthstone: Peridot.

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August Birthstone: Peridot.

  An ancient gem known for its yellow green glow. Found in lava, meteorites, and deep in the earth’s mantle, peridot is composed of magnesium-rich variety of olivine and iron content that intensify its characteristic yellowish green color.  The intense glow comes from a feature in the gem known as high double refraction: Double facets appear from the inside increasing reflection of light and overall glow of this gemstone.

   As with diamonds and most other gems, peridot’s quality and price depend on the 4C’s. When it comes to color, pure grass green hue is the most rare and hence most valuable, while lower quality peridot is brownish in color. Another variant of peridot glows a yellowish green hue as a middle ground between the above two extremes and is also the most abundant, affordable, and readily available in the market. Clarity at its highest levels tends to show the peridot to be eye clean (little black spots under magnification might be visible). If black spots are visible inclusions they will dramatically drop the value of the gem. Carat weight for peridot determines a higher price for a heavier stone (Peridot is found in large sizes as a rough gemstone in earth and for that reason they only start hitting high prices at 10 carats plus). Finest and largest rough come from Myanmar, and the Himalayas of Pakistan, while the more standard sizes come from the U.S and China. When it comes to cut, there are a variety of shapes peridot is seen in and all cuts finely finished tend to influence the price equally.


   Another plus for this gemstone is that it can be very similar in color to Emerald but way more affordable. Incorporating peridot into jewellery pieces can be done in various ways. This gemstone looks equally stunning in fine jewellery pieces made for special occasions as well as in simple pieces made for everyday wear. Its colors make it a good fit to be used with yellow, rose, or white gold. It is best suited for white gold when used in fine jewellery while yellow and rose gold tend to be better complements for daily wear, since warm tones from these metals work to accentuate the green/yellow tones of the gemstone.

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