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Hello everyone! An apology to all our readers for not posting on a weekly basis the past few months. We’ve been busy getting our physical store back and running after lockdown. However, always feel free to write us if you have any jewellery related question and we will try our best to respond promptly and provide all the information you need.   Today we will discuss one of my favorite birthstones; Sapphire (I might like it more since it is my birthstone).  We will go about it differently by using frequently asked questions by customers and answers to them. How...

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There is an old saying that goes: "If a woman wears diamonds, you look at the diamonds; if a woman wears pearls, you look at the woman." Pearls have been the embodiment of elegance, grace, and sophistication for centuries. Beautiful in all shapes, colors, and sizes; the market of pearls has nevertheless caused some confusion for consumers due to the different varieties available and their origins. Unlike diamonds, they do not have clear-cut characteristics that can form a guide in appraising the gem easily (the 4C’s makes it relatively easy for consumers to figure out the baseline value of a diamond). Nonetheless, pearls have been...

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For this week I have chosen to discuss a more detail-oriented topic. The color of gold to choose for your diamond ring might seem like the easiest decision in the process of picking your dream ring. However, aside from relevant factors such as your personal preference, what is trending nowadays, and what color best matches your skin tone; such a decision can help amplify the beauty of your diamond without the need to increase your budget in order to afford a higher grade diamond. So how is it possible to give your diamond ring the appearance of higher quality without going up the...

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