First Blog Post Ever! Hello!

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First Blog Post Ever! Hello!

Hi guys!

I am Meena, a twenty six year old creative spirit that fell in to be part of the jewelry industry! A sweet turn of events in my life has moved me from pursuing a career with my political science degree to helping mange a very well established jewelry retail shop in the U.A.E. That being said i should introduce my husband Riyad, the reason behind this turn, my life and career partner, and also the CEO of Al Riyad Jewellery (UAEJEWELS's brick store). Being a second generation jeweler he got me all the inside scoop I wish I had as a jewelry consumer.

Attending industry seminars, trade shows and courses got me thinking about the knowledge gap between the seller and buyer when it comes to the jewelry market. A gap that I feel is quite too big. With my GIA accreditations and hands-on industry experience, I hope this blog will be able to minimize this gap! My aim through the upcoming series of posts is to share valuable tips and "industry secrets" that would empower buyers and give them the ability to understand differences between price and value factors for the jewelry pieces they wish to acquire, hence providing them with even more breathtaking and pocket-friendly shopping experiences.  

I hope this to be the start of a conversation about any and all jewelry related topics you may be interested in! Every Thursday I will put out a post for you. Whether you want to know more facts to get the perfect engagement ring or just simply pick a new piece of jewellery, i would love to hear from you, share ideas and tips that will ultimately help us all in this bling-filled journey.


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