Which color of gold is best for your engagement ring?

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Which color of gold is best for your engagement ring?

For this week I have chosen to discuss a more detail-oriented topic. The color of gold to choose for your diamond ring might seem like the easiest decision in the process of picking your dream ring. However, aside from relevant factors such as your personal preference, what is trending nowadays, and what color best matches your skin tone; such a decision can help amplify the beauty of your diamond without the need to increase your budget in order to afford a higher grade diamond. So how is it possible to give your diamond ring the appearance of higher quality without going up the 4C's scale and having to increase your budget in the process? The answer is as simple as choosing between white, yellow, and rose gold! Yes, it is a small detail that most customers don’t think twice about, but it can save you upwards from 20% on the cost of your diamond if you choose wisely. 

The three colors of gold mainly seen in the market today are white, yellow, and rose. Here I will only talk about gold (platinum and silver are both virtually identical to white gold in appearance) since the value of all three colors in gold is exactly the same, meaning that your budget will not be affected by the color you choose.

Let's go through the three colors available and how they effect the overall glow of your ring. When it comes to white gold setting, the ring is seen to give the diamond a lustrous white glow. When it comes to yellow gold setting, we see a luminous yellow glow. As for setting in rose gold, the ring gives off a lustrous pink/ red glow. These differences can help in intensifying or "upgrading" the appearance of the color of your diamond. For example, a D color diamond is the best color you can find.  Assuming that you are prepared to pay the extra cost that comes with such a high diamond color grade, then you might as well show it off by selecting a metal color that will accentuate its white luster and its glow. So in this example you would go for white gold setting. If your preference is to have your diamond set on a yellow or rose gold color engagement ring, then a D color diamond will not look as bright and lustrous white as one expects. That is why you should save yourself the extra cash and aim to look for a diamond with the same characteristics but lower color grade, or invest in increasing the other specifications (size, clarity, cut grade) for the same budget. I will explain how you can go about this to optimize the engagement ring you choose in accordance with the diamond you have selected.

Let us start with broadly categorizing diamonds according to their colors. They will be split to three categories that are colorless/ near colorless (D to J), Faint light/ fancy yellow (K-Z and fancy yellow),  and fancy brown/ pink diamonds. As mentioned earlier for colorless and near colorless diamonds, it is recommended to keep the gold color white. That is because white will maximize the luster and brilliance to show off your colorless diamond. Beyond J color, diamonds begin to show a faint light yellow tint that gradually increases (with lower color grades) to a warm yellow appearance. In this case, a yellow gold setting can be used to contrast the diamond's yellow hue giving it the appearance of a higher than actual color grade. Talk about getting more bang for your buck! For the last category of fancy brown and pink diamonds, a rose gold color will be ideal since it will exaggerate the color of the diamond, making it appear more beautiful and intense. Rose gold setting can also help intensify diamonds from the previous category that may have a faint brown tone instead of a yellow tone.


Ultimately the right gold color setting for your engagement ring will be the one you feel suits you and your diamond best. When choosing your perfect diamond, think about how the gold color you are leaning towards will sit with it. A perfect match will help you increase the perceived value of your diamond based on its appearance while decreasing the budget you need to get the perfect engagement ring. Always aim to amplify the glow and shine of your diamond by having its tone complement the tone of the gold color you choose to set it on.




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